About Us

Gained By Skill.
Held By Steel.

Members of the Academy of Steel lined up.

Academy of Steel Cardiff is dedicated to the study and practice of swordplay and the use of medieval weapons and Western Martial Arts. We seek to marry elements of reconstructive historical re-enactment and Historical European Martial Art (HEMA) in order to offer a well-rounded education in the science of sword fighting and medieval combat. We strive to learn as much as possible and to create a constructive framework that provides an accessible curriculum and training to allow new members to learn sword play and benefit from our many years of experience.

Whether you are new to sword play or have experience in re-enactment, HEMA, BotN, or LARP, we offer a variety of classes that will help you learn new skills or simply sharpen up. We provide training in a variety of weapons both in one-on-one duels and as part of a unit.

We provide a welcoming environment for all participants offering different levels of intensity and focus.

Friendly competitions will be held at the end of every month. It isn’t mandatory, but we encourage everyone to have a go as it’s a great way to measure the progression of your skills.

About The Marshal

Jordan Mock, Marshal of the Academy of Steel

The Marshal of the Academy of Steel, Jordan Mock, has been a practitioner of various martial arts for most of his life. His passion has taken him to re-enactment battles in Denmark and sword fighting tournaments in Italy and he has won several medals and awards both in Britain and abroad. Jordan’s main focus of study has been the Italian fencing tradition, sword and buckler and sword and shield, though he is also well versed in the use of axes, spears and knives and is always keen to learn the use of new weapons. An accredited instructor with the British Combat Association, the Company of arms of the Rose and the Sword and the Vikings Society UK, Jordan trains hard and hopes to instil the same passion in his students.