Fighting in a shield wall: HEMA vs. Re-enactment

Viking Re-enactment Group

I’ve been a training officer in the Vikings re-enactment society for about eight years now and I’ve trained with a lot of different groups. Some are new and just finding their feet others have been around since before I was born and have fought in events all over Europe. It’s interesting to see the differences in attitude toward one-on-one fighting …

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Attacking the Weapon

Lightsabers Duelling

When two new members engage each other, you’re bound to get one of two things happen: either they’ll strike at each other, eager to employ what they’ve learned…while completely out of measure or they’ll attack each other’s weapons ignoring openings. The former is great fun to watch. A desperate battle ensues while they swing wildly at each other from other …

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The Company of the Rose and the Sword

Rose and Sword Duelists

I came across their Facebook page entirely by chance. After years of living in rural Italy and after having resigned myself to the fact that all of the HEMA groups in the area were either not all that great or trained at times that were just impractical, and that Melissa (the wife) and I would be training alone. Now don’t …

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Whatever happened to all the heroes?

Fiore dei Liberi

A few years ago, I was given a book by my Grandfather called The Last Duel: The True Story of Death and Honour. It was something of a transformative read. In the Greek Odysseys and Icelandic Sagas, the warrior’s attitude towards war was entirely different from our modern ideas. Indeed the idea that war was glorious was prevalent until the …

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