Would Gandalf be crap in a fight?

Gandalf the White

Hey guys, I’m back from the Féile na Gaiscígh event run by the Dublin HEMA club where we met up with our good friends the Cork Blademasters and Emmet Byrne from Ravenheart forge – I’ll put the links to those guys below. When I got back I was just inundated with messages and comments about “How good would Gandalf really be in a fight?”

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Vorschlag against a “double-widower”

A combatant pushing an opponents hand aside and pommel striking them.

Recently, I was sparring against someone I had never fought before. At first, the fight went fairly well. I was landing a good number of hits both at good measure and, when things got heated and it came down to Zogho/Giocco Stretto, I was able to make some clean pommel strikes. My opponent was an interesting guy. He laughed like …

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