!!! Coronavirus COVID-19 Information !!!

Academy of Steel Online

Posta de Corona

Though the Academy is somewhat limited in the current environment, we will be producing videos and other material talking about history, martial arts, solo drills, partner drills, techniques, tactics and more history!

Additionally we will be carrying out Zoom based training sessions with a focus on techniques and drills as well as solo practice and personal fitness.

These materials and sessions are available to all Academy members free of charge.

Community and Socialising

During this period we want to ensure that the community that has built up around the Academy continues to interact, socialise and support each other. While it may not be possible to do that in person at the moment we are regularly communicating on group chat and having frequent meet ups via the Internet (including a regular movie night).

If you have any suggestions, requests or just need someone to speak to. Let us know!

Cardiff Chapter

Wednesday and Friday classes are currently suspended.

As a precautionary measure, YMCA Plas have closed their site until further notice. This means Cardiff classes are currently suspended.

Caerphilly Chapter

Thursday classes are currently suspended.

St. Cenydd Leisure Centre has now closed until further notice. This means that Caerphilly classes are currently suspended.

The Academy Grand Alliance

COVID-19 Protocol - The Academy Grand Alliance - Train Anywhere

In the interests of making training facilities, resources and instruction available to as many people as possible during this pandemic period, the Academy of Steel and the Academy of Historical Fencing have enacted a reciprocal arrangement. Any member of the Academy of Steel is able to train with our friends and allies, the Academy of Historical Fencing at their Newport and Bristol sites, we will also be supporting their members in the same way. You continue paying all fees to your own club as normal.

Unfortunately the Academy of Historical Fencing has also suspended classes, however, as soon as any venues re-open properly… If you are unable to attend your normal venue then you may attend any of the other locations that are open.