!!! COVID-19 Regulations !!!

If you’re not currently a member of the Academy but HEMA is something you are interested in then please contact us. When classes are running we normally try to keep a number of spaces free for new members and this will allow us to keep you updated and let you know when you can join us in person.

COVID-19 Class Regulations

Now that classes have begun to resume, it is necessary to follow a number of additional rules for health and safety.

Health and Safety Regulations

Anyone who has exhibited symptoms or who shares a living space with someone who has exhibited symptoms must refrain from attending any classes for a period of at least two weeks.

Anyone with a compromised immune system or who would fall under the definition of “at risk” or who shares a living space with someone with a compromised immune system or who would fall under the definition of “at risk” accepts responsibility for their own attendance.

Posta de Corona
  • Participants will be responsible for masks, gloves and other kit. Anyone borrowing equipment must ensure that they keep track of the equipment and do not share it.
  • Social distancing shall be observed in the classes. Areas will be allocated for exercises.
  • During breaks or during demonstrations, social distancing will be maintained between students and instructor.
  • Unit combat will be suspended until team contact sports are allowed to continue.
  • Towels must be kept in bags and not placed on benches or on the floor.

Before Arrival

  • Where possible, please shower and wash your hair (it is understood that many people will be coming straight from work so this may not be possible).
  • If travelling by public transport a face covering is advised.
  • Clean clothing must be worn in class.


  • A one-way system is in place for entry and exit to the Cardiff venue (so as to avoid congestion of people coming in and out of the building).
  • Members of staff will be present but they will be behind a screen.
  • Temperature will be taken (either through ear thermometers with replaceable caps or electric thermometers).
  • The washing of hands will be mandatory before taking part in the class and upon finishing class.

Returning Home

  • Shower upon returning home.
  • Any clothing worn during the session must be washed.