!!! COVID-19 Regulations !!!

The government rules and regulations around the pandemic are in such a constant state of flux that it’s impossible to provide up-to-date accurate information on here. It is probably safe to assume that if indoor sports and/or gyms are closed then our regular in-person classes are also closed.

We are holding online classes and if that is something you are interested in then please contact us.

If you’re not currently a member of the Academy but HEMA is something you are interested in then please contact us, although our normal classes aren’t running at the moment this will allow us to keep you updated and let you know when you can join us in person.

COVID-19 Class Regulations for Reopening

Now that some classes have begun to resume, it is necessary to follow a number of additional rules for health and safety.

Health and Safety Regulations

Anyone who has exhibited symptoms or who shares a living space with someone who has exhibited symptoms must refrain from attending any classes for a period of at least two weeks.

Anyone with a compromised immune system or who would fall under the definition of “at risk” or who shares a living space with someone with a compromised immune system or who would fall under the definition of “at risk” accepts responsibility for their own attendance.

Posta de Corona
  • Classes will be limited to a maximum number of students. If there is increased demand for spaces, we will adjust the schedule.
  • Participants will be responsible for their masks and gloves. Anyone borrowing equipment must ensure that they keep track of the equipment.
  • Social distancing shall be observed in the classes. Areas will be allocated for exercises.
  • During breaks or during demonstrations, a distance of 2 meters will be held between students and instructor.
  • Unit combat will be suspended until team contact sports are allowed to continue.
  • Towels must be kept in bags and not placed on benches or on the floor.

Before Arrival

  • Where possible, please shower and wash your hair (it is understood that many people will be coming straight from work so this may not be possible).
  • If travelling by public transport a face covering is advised.
  • Clean clothing must be worn in class.


  • The parking area will not be on site, however, a parking area has been allocated for attendees of the Cardiff YMCA classes.
  • There will be a one-way system in place for people to enter and exit (so as to avoid congestion of people coming in and out of the building).
  • Members of staff will be present but they will be behind a screen.
  • Temperature will be taken (either through ear thermometers with replaceable caps or electric thermometers).
  • The washing of hands will be mandatory before taking part in the class and upon finishing class.

Returning Home

  • Shower upon returning home.
  • Any clothing worn during the session must be washed.

Academy of Steel Online

Though the Academy is somewhat limited in the current environment, we will be producing videos and other material talking about history, martial arts, solo drills, partner drills, techniques, tactics and more history!

Additionally we will be carrying out Zoom based training sessions with a focus on techniques and drills as well as solo practice and personal fitness.

These materials and sessions are available to all Academy members free of charge.

Community and Socialising

During this period we want to ensure that the community that has built up around the Academy continues to interact, socialise and support each other. While it may not be possible to do that in person at the moment we are regularly communicating on group chat and having frequent meet ups via the Internet (including a regular movie night).

If you have any suggestions, requests or just need someone to speak to. Let us know!