Outdoor Unit Combat

July 21, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
The Wenallt Woods, Cardiff
The Wenallt Woods
Academy of Steel

This will be a chance for us to practice some of the Unit Combat exercises we’ve been practicing in class. This will be an opportunity for us to employ the strategies we’ve discussed in class under the stresses of an uneven environment. You’re rarely going to be lucky enough to fight a small-scale battle in a perfectly square arena. For those of you who haven’t done any form of fighting outdoors or have no experience of re-enactment, you’re in for a treat.

The area is a little out of the way, so hopefully we can organise lifts and the means to ferry equipment. The hope is that the weather will be decent enough for us to have a BBQ and as it will be the height of summer, I advise everyone to bring plenty of water.

We’ll play a few fun games that we picked up at Fightcamp Skirmish (but better as we’ll be employing some actual tactics) including capture the flag, capture the fort, kill the king and knights vs. rogues. I want this to be a great fun day while also being educational for you guys.

Obviously, anyone borrowing Academy kit will be expected to be responsible for it.

A note on safety:
As this will be something we’re doing on public land, there will be NO steel of any type involved and the greatest of caution will be taken in case of public stumbling into us. There will be a safety briefing at the beginning of this soiree which will outline the boundaries and the procedure in case of some clown trying to walk through the middle of a fight (it’s happened to me before and words cannot express my rage at such heights of buffoonery).

It also goes without saying that the same safety rules we employ in class will be in effect at this minor event.

As such, this is something I will be running for the Academy only. If it’s successful and no one dies, we’ll see about inviting a few people along from outside the Academy.

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