Private Lessons

Do you have a busy schedule?

Do you need to learn a specific technique or address a particular area of fencing?

Do you have requirements that are a little more specialist?

For one reason or another regular classes may not be suitable for you. The Academy of Steel also offers private one-on-one lessons. The Marshal has experience of tutoring new comers to historical fencing, as well as practitioners who want to broaden their skill set and even people who are learning it for more specific reasons such as acting or stunt work.

We can arrange training at one of our regular venues in Cardiff, Caerphilly or Marshfield (as well as easily accessible places like Swansea, Bridgend and Newport) or if necessary we can discuss travelling further afield.

Contact the Academy of Steel to discuss your individual needs and see if we would be a good fit.

The Marshal of the Academy of Steel performing pressure exercises with a member of the Academy.