School Rules


Showing respect for your classmates is crucial. This is doubly true for a martial art which carries risk of injury. Jokes between friends are one thing, but anyone displaying disrespectful or demeaning behaviour causing discomfort or distress to another member of the class will result in one and ONLY one warning. If such poor behaviour continues, they will be expelled from the Academy. Respect your partner, respect the weapons and respect yourself.

Please, make every attempt to be on time for classes. If you need to leave early, please make the Marshal aware as this can cause disruptions to the class.

While every effort will be made to provide each student with equipment, please be considerate and ask before borrowing something. Please be sure to return all equipment after use.

Health and Safety

While this is a full contact Martial Art, our aims are to learn not to seek to harm your partners.

Safety equipment is not infallible. Minor injuries can and will happen on occasion, but control should be exercised at all times.

Safety equipment is to be worn at all times during exercise involving weapons.

Anyone with any health problems and who feels they cannot participate in a particular exercise should alert the Marshal. If they are only able to participate in a limited capacity, they should alert their partners.

No alcohol or non-medically required drugs are to be consumed prior to or during the lesson. If the Marshal suspects someone to be under the influence, they will not be able to participate with the lesson.

Member of the Academy of Steel wearing a black Academy t-shirt and a fencing mask with the Academy logo sprayed onto it.


If you do not have a school t-shirt, please wear a plain black t-shirt with black jogging bottoms, tracksuit bottoms or combat trousers with sensible shoes. School t-shirts can be purchased but it is not obligatory.


While school/club patches, tournament patches and strips of colour are acceptable, anything unrelated to HEMA such as slogans, bells, toys, fur, or anything else that acts as a gimmick may not be worn. We appreciate some people want to show their personality in their equipment, but we at the Academy aim to represent HEMA as a Martial Art to the wider community and not as an opportunity to Cosplay or LARP. In no other Martial Art would such articles be acceptable. We believe that the best way to show your personality is in how well you fight!

Likewise masks will display the Academy symbol or will remain plain.

Should someone joining the Academy already have such articles attached to their equipment, they will have one semester to replace the equipment or otherwise remove the articles.