Ever wanted to learn how to wield swords, axes and knives?
Join the Academy of Steel – the largest HEMA school in Wales!

Training with early medieval weapons such as swords and axes is a fun and unique way to exercise your body and mind and meet new and interesting people. The Academy specialises in a number of different weapons incorporating HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) as well as other historical combat systems, but we focus primarily on the sword. There is a great deal of romance and mysticism surrounding the sword as well as a great deal of contemporary source material with which to derive effective martial combat systems, strategies and techniques.

While we primarily train at Cardiff and Caerphilly in South Wales, we have members based further west in Swansea and Bridgend as well as further east in and around Newport. As a club, we travel all over Britain and beyond taking part in fun and exciting events!

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