A Swordsman’s Adventures in London – Day 4 – Shastar Vidya

Today I visit the V&A for a real treat. Handling the sources and knowing that these were penned (or at the very least, they were commissioned to be made by) the old masters is a wonderful and humbling experience.

I then visited Asante Lawla who teaches Shastar Vidya, an Indian weapons based martial art.

The basis of Shastar Vidiya is a five-step movement which includes advancing on the opponent; hitting his flank, deflection of incoming blows, taking a commanding position and striking. As a full combat martial art it also includes both unarmed and armed combat techniques using swords, clubs, sticks, spears, daggers and other weapons.

If you want to find out more about Shastar Vidya in London, visit https://www.facebook.com/ShastarVidiyaBrixton/

If you are interested in Historical Martial Arts in South Wales, visit https://www.academyofsteel.com/

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