A Swordsman’s Adventures in London – Day 5 – Sparring with Tempus Fugitives

Going up a day late because of technical difficulties.

The last day in London and I nerd out in the Wallace Collection before heading off and hanging with Tempus Fugitives.

Tempus Fugitive instructors are experts at combining the physical exercise and coordination of fencing with the history of social credit systems in society and how it influenced the development of fencers.

Jay Maxwell has been practising as a martial artist in Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA) since 2004. He regularly teaches at high profile international events and in his competitive years was one of the top ranked HEMA fencers in the world. Starting his training in London and Oxford in British systems of swordsmanship, he quickly came into contact with the Italian schools and was taken by their elegance.

You can find out more about Tempus Fugitives here: https://tempus-fugitives.co.uk/

The store can be found here: https://tempusswords.co.uk/

Jay Maxwell’s YouTube channel can be found here: @ucfz5tgtzo0qd_z5…

For more about HEMA in South Wales, visit: https://www.academyofsteel.com

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