Company of the Rose and the Sword

Members of The Company of the Rose and Sword lined up in a hall with swords and bucklers.

The Company of the Rose and the Sword is a HEMA School which also organises reenactment events, with outstanding instructors who are as dedicated to their art as they are skilled in their use with a blade. Based in Campania in Italy, the Company is headed by Marco Eraclio de Filippo, a superb swordsman with a PhD in Medieval History and an unparalleled passion for swordplay. We are very proud of our brotherhood with these exceptional people.

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Academy of Historical Fencing

The Academy of Historical Fencing is the oldest club in South Wales with branches in Newport and Bristol. They are welcoming, enthusiastic and highly skilled and the club caters to people of various skill levels, experience and backgrounds.

With a wealth of knowledge of a plethora of weapons from a broad spectrum of historical backgrounds, AHF lessons are fun and informative.

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The Academy of Historical Fencing posing with mixed weapons and shields.

Hotspur School of Defence

Hotspur School of Defence

Established in 2003, the Hotspur School of Defence, has become a respected name within the international HEMA community for its study of medieval combat treatises dating from 1389 to 1494.

The School has a firm focus on German and Italian sources, teaching the following disciplines – longsword, messer, arming sword and buckler, dagger, wrestling, pollaxe, and spear.

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Vikings Society

The Vikings Society is one of the largest re-enactment societies in Britain, representing the early medieval period from the sacking of Lindisfarne to the Battle of Hastings. The Vikings Society portray the lives of the Vikings, Saxons and (most importantly) the Welsh with everything from school visits and minor show-and-tell displays to Major events which see hundreds of fighters take to the fields.

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Viking Duel

Bristol Titans

The Bristol Titans in a training session.

Training with the Bristol Titans is one of the most intensive experiences for hand-to-hand and street weapons out there. We challenge anyone to find a more dedicated instructor that Jim Halton, whose knowledge of Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tactics, fight psychology and general self-defence is second to none.

The classes teach a ferocious blend of martial arts in a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment. Not for the faint of heart!

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The Knight Shop

Academy of Steel have a club account with the Knight Shop, Britain’s leading provider in HEMA and re-enactment equipment, giving our members the best price on their orders.

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The Knight Shop