Fightcamp Skirmish

Well, it’s official. We have a new website. A big thank you to our boy Ben Halbert for his sterling work. With a new website, I figured it was time to start writing the blog again. And what better time than following the Academy running our first couple of workshops at Fightcamp Skirmish run by Schola Gladatoria. The event involved …

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Fightcamp 2018!

Schola Gladiatoria

Having watched the Schola Gladatoria YouTube Channel hosted by Matt Easton for a number of years and having heard so much about Fightcamp from a number of people, including my best friend, Osian, I was more than a little excited in the run up to the weekend. The variety of workshops and competitions available over the three day event was …

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The South Wind

Melissa's team taking silver in the South Winds event.

What an incredible event! Likely one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever attended. Rosa e Spada were all on form. There was no one there who could be taken lightly. Some were defensive and tactical. Others were aggressive and always attacking. Everyone there was well trained and focused.Melissa and I arrived early in the morning to help put things together …

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