How to level up by being a good partner…

I’ve recently started a new martial art and I’m really enjoying being the ‘new guy, again. BJJ (Brazilian jiujutsu) is unlike any martial art I’ve done before because it doesn’t involve striking. It can make for some very frustrating situations where I end up thinking, “yeah, nah. I’d just punch him in the junk, I reckon.” As this is something …

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Can women fight with swords?

Esther v Jordan

Well… Yeah. Who’s saying they can’t?

“No woman can fight with a sword. Zero women can fight with a sword. And what I mean by that is: in a situation where you are fighting men who are used to fighting with swords you are going to get killed if you are a woman fighting with a sword, 100% of the time.”
– Andrew Klavan/Klaven


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Reverse Grip Sword Fighting

Academy of Steel Reverse Grip 4

Why Kylo Ren and Geralt of Rivia are crap swordsmen!

Well. It finally happened. I’ve become one of those guys.

“In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy’s skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic xylophone, or something?”
– The Simpsons, S8E14: The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show

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Solo Training

Fiore's Segno Page

A student and friend of mine asked about solo training and what someone could do to up their game as a solo act. When I lived in Kazakhstan, I didn’t have anyone else to with whom to train. The snow was two to three feet deep in the winter and the summer was bitterly hot and dusty. While this would …

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Two’s a Party. Three’s a crowd.

Viking Teams

This is something I initially put together for a friend of mine in the Company of the Rose and the Sword, but I thought I’d share it here. The following are a list of training exercises and games you can play as a unit to strengthen cohesion and tactical thinking. Circle of Honour/Dishonour There are two variations on this. Circle …

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