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Equipment Buying Order

Post by Pringle » Sun Sep 01, 2019 12:35 am

So, you've been hitting people with the school swords and protecting yourself with school equipment for a little while and have come to the realisation that you love this and want to keep doing it! Time to buy some of your own equipment but what do you need to get and what order should you buy it in?

As and when time allows I'll add more detail about my own thoughts on each of these things but for now - here's a summary of the equipment you'll want and a rough buying order (there's always going to be some variation from person to person and some things are equally important so it's a judgement call)...
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Jacket/Gambeson
  • Synthetic Waster(s) (and Buckler if you're doing I.33)
    At this point you've matched and exceeded the school loan equipment and are covered for controlled synthetic sparring.
  • Gorget/Throat Protection
  • Cup
    Particularly important for men which is why it places highly on my list though there are both male and female versions available.
  • Overlay/Back of Head Protector
  • Leg Protection (shins/knees)
  • Arm Protection (forearms/elbows)
    At this point, depending on the quality/level of your equipment, you may have suitable protection for controlled steel sparring.
  • Upper Leg Protection (fencing trousers/skirt)
  • Chest Protector (optional but recommended)
  • Weapons, Bucklers, Shields, etc.
    These should be the last thing but they're also the most exciting thing so probably won't be :).
There are lots of good places to buy things and often you can save a bit of money by buying kits and save on postage by ordering with other people. There are plenty of people in the Academy who can help and make recommendations.

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