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Gambesons, fencing jackets

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 10:09 pm
by Pringle
Originally posted by Melissa, Jun 7, 2019 @ 13:39

A few people have now purchased gambesons from various companies, so I thought it would be a good thing for people to post reviews of them here for anyone interested in getting one for themselves. I intend to start similar threads for other types of equipment.

SupFen 350N - Womens

I have the SupFen 350N jacket for women and I love it. truth be told I've not had or worn any other so haven't got much to compare it to. When it first arrived I found my movement very restricted but now that I've broken it in/ gotten more used to it I feel like I can move a lot more.
It's quite well padded and I've taken a few blows and not really felt much. The arms are very lightly padded at the wrists, which I like as I will usually wear arm guards and gloves anyway so any extra padding there would reduce mobility. It doubles up a bit at the collar and is quite thick which provides added throat protection. And I like the cut of it.
The main pro for SupFen is that you get good quality for comparatively low prices. The main con is that they make everything to order and take months to process the order so you will need to wait for it for a bit.

Gajardoni 800N Officer - Jordan's jacket

These are now discontinued and turns out were actually made for Gajardoni by SupFen so maybe soon they will be available on the Supfen site. I can't comment much on this as Jordan is the one who wears it. But one problem I have with it is that it only really goes as low as his waist and exposes his hips, especially when he raises his arms. It looks good and the quality is good, but I'd recommend a style that was a bit longer and gave a bit of protection to the hips. It might just be that Jordan is excessively tall though.

Re: Gambesons, fencing jackets

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 10:10 pm
by Pringle
Originally posted by Ben, Jun 11, 2019 @ 21:22

I'm not sure exactly which jacket Jordan has but it looks like THOKK have acquired at least some of the Gajardoni designs (the "Challenge" and the "Diamond") based on this post at the end of May... ... 2936034646.

Re: Gambesons, fencing jackets

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 10:11 pm
by Pringle
Originally posted by Allan, Jun 20, 2019 @ 17:06

Officers Jacket -Spes 350N
Sexy looking and I don’t just mean on me :) Light and manoverable as hell. Add a chest protector, arm guards and a throat guard and it’s basically a 800N.
As with any fully enclosed jacket hydration is still important. I’m thinking of adding vents once I figure out how / get the guts up to cut into this beauty lol
Zip and Popper combo on the left breast to keep it secure as well as Velcro at the neck to secure the blade catcher in place.
Loops at the elbow to allow secure fitting of elbow guards.

Hussar -Spes 800N
“I swear I didn’t feel that hit!” Actual quote from during a fight. Padded and basically stab proof this jacket is still flexible and manoverable enough to avoid that trapped feeling. Built in arm guards mean additional lower arm protection may be unnessacery and certainly creates less bulk. The padding does however does create an increased heat issue and means a thin under top is advisable as well as increased hydration. A built in blade catcher helps prevent a sword in the face but a throat protector is still defiantly needed. Double zips mean a tight fit and placement on the left breast means (if your a righty) less likelihood of a thrust getting caught in the jacket.
It’s most defiantly is a sleek and refined looking jacket as well.