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Regenyei Swords

Post by Pringle » Sun Sep 01, 2019 10:42 pm

I'm going to slightly paraphrase a post from the old forums...

A few people have asked about the feder, arming sword and rondel that I ordered so...

I ordered them from Regenyei ( there aren't necessarily the "best" but they are excellent work horse swords and generally well regarded by everyone.

The total cost for the three was €665 (about £600) but this was with a reasonable degree of non-standard customisation to get them all matching.

There is a page on the site that lists all the custom options for feders (or they do standard feders with side rings, similar to what Jordan has for €220 - though note that some tournaments may not allow side rings).

There is also a page that lists all of the custom options for rondels.

The arming sword was a bit different, they have an "I33 full contact sword" (which looks identical to Jordan's arming sword) - I had to email them and explain what I wanted "I'd like crossguard X from the feder range but resized to be suitable for an arming sword" - they were very accommodating and came back with a few recommendations to make things more suitable (curving the cross guard up slightly for strength and period accuracy).

Having received my blades and had a chance to use them...

The centre of balance on the arming sword is a tiny bit further forward than I was expecting, I suspect this is due to the pommel option that I went for (slightly smaller than the traditional wheel pommel). It wasn't planned but I'm pretty happy with this, feels like it has more of a chopping action to it (without being as forward weighted as a falchion or messer) but still has plenty of point control.

The feder is pretty much exactly what I wanted, it's a few inches shorter than the "standard" version but the measurements I asked for were intended to give it a similar overall length and feel to a Rawlings longsword with extended pommel and it's pretty much spot on.

I can't comment on the rondel too much as I haven't really used it but it looks the part and has a nice rigid blade - it will make an excellent sidearm and I've stabbed Jordan in the face with it once or twice but of course it's difficult to use in full contact sparring.

Bonus answer... My second hand Regenyei sidesword is also very nice, it obviously has some wear and tear but is a great piece to swing around - I haven't really done much sparring with it but maybe one day I'll learn some proper sidesword technique :).

Overall my opinion is that Regenyei have been a great company to order from - they have provided a great service and a great product that I'm very happy with.
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