Gathering of Wolves 2022 Waiting List

It looks like we’ve sold out of tickets for the event!

If you’d like to register your interest fill in the form below and we’ll add you to the waiting list for if any spaces become available.


Showing respect for to fellow event participants is crucial. This is doubly true for a martial art which carries risk of injury. Jokes between friends are one thing, but anyone displaying disrespectful or demeaning behaviour causing discomfort or distress to another participant will result in one and ONLY one warning. If such poor behaviour continues, they will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.

Respect your partner, respect the weapons and respect yourself.

Please, make every attempt to be on time for the event and for the individual workshops within the event.

Please make sure to bring all the equipment you will require for the event. It is up to the individual to ensure that your equipment is suitable and safe for the activity.

All attendees must be 18 years of age or older at the time of the event.

Health and Safety

While this is a full contact Martial Art, our aims are to learn, not to seek to harm our partners. Safety equipment is not infallible. Minor injuries can and will happen on occasion and should be expected, but control should be exercised at all times.

Safety equipment is to be worn at all times during sparring involving weapons.

Anyone with any health problems or injuries and who feels they cannot participate in a particular exercise should alert an organiser. If they are only able to participate in a limited capacity, they should alert their partners.

No alcohol or non-medically required drugs are to be consumed prior to or during the event. If an event organiser suspects someone to be under the influence, they will not be able to participate and no refund will be issued.

All participants in the event are expected to have appropriate HEMA related insurance, equipment for use and behave in a safe manner.

The event organisers do not take responsibility for any injury caused during the event.

Covid-19 Regulations

Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 or who have come into contact with an individual who has tested positive is asked to take a Lateral Flow Test before attending the event. For the safety of all participants please do not attend if you suspect you have the disease. If you have tested positive, please contact the organisers with your proof of positive test and we will issue you with a refund for your ticket.

The event organisers will adhere to the Test and Trace Programme put in place by the British Government. While the event organisers will do everything in our power to follow regulations that will aid in keeping the participants safe, we are not responsible for anyone contracting the virus as everyone participating is doing so of their own free will and is fully aware of the risks.


If you have registered for and paid for the event but do not attend, no refund will be issued, unless it is due to a positive COVID test and evidence is provided to the organisers.

If you have registered and paid for the event but know in advance you will no longer be able to attend, please inform the organisers. If we are able to fill your spot with a replacement participant, we will issue you with a refund. If your spot cannot be filled then no refund will be given.