Specialist Courses

The Marshal demonstrating a specialist tomahawk technique with a student of the Academy of Steel.

In addition to regular classes, the Academy of Steel also runs occasional specialist courses for weapons or styles that either fall outside the normal remit of HEMA or don’t contain enough documented material to constitute a full semester. Specialist courses typically run for eight weeks with lessons being shorter (1 hour) but more intensive than the Academy’s standard weekly lessons.

A core curriculum for a specialist course will be based on available documented sources as well as practical experience derived from experimentation and research into the historical context of the weapon or system in question. In addition the Academy will look at how the particular strengths and weaknesses of a specialist course compare and contrast with other other systems and how they can be used to both compliment and oppose them.

Pressure exercises and partner drills are a major component of these courses with some degree of controlled sparring also being a key element depending on the weapon set being trained.

Please contact us to find out more about current and upcoming specialist courses.