Steel Cup 2022

Steel Cup 2022 text on a background image of various fencing matches.

December 2022 saw the first Steel Cup; an internal event within the Academy of Steel which consisted of three separate tournaments: Steel Longsword, Synthetic Longsword and Synthetic Messer – all of which were designed to encourage and reward good technical fencing and self defence. Although there were some initial teething issues with the timing of the event, overall it was a great success both for the students taking part (in many cases this was their first competitive fencing event) as well as a learning experience that will ensure that future Steel Cups are refined and improved.

Congratulations to the winners of each of the three tournaments.

  • Steel Longsword – Daniel Russell
  • Synthetic Longsword – Cezary Daniluk
  • Synthetic Messer – Cian Jukes

At the same time as presenting the tournament awards, two annual Academy awards were also presented:

  • Technical Award 2022 – Rhys Howells
  • Osian Award 2022 – Cezary Daniluk

Thank you to everyone who took part in the tournament by competing, line judging, staffing tables or anything else. Special thanks to our photographer (and competitor) Sam Corp.

Academy of Steel Students Holding Medals and Other Awards Received for 2022.